Bonus Abortion non-episode

This is not an episode of The Bayesian Conspiracy. It’s just some additional feedback and informal thoughts on abortion, particularly in the USA. If this is not a topic of interest to you, please move on. A regular episode will air at the regular time. 🙂

Relevant Links:

Our subreddit where people post comments is

David said he based much of his email from Abortion is Difficult at Fake Nous

Policy Debates Should Not Appear One-Sided

SSC post regarding whether people really believe what they say they believe about abortion

Proposed: the 1980s farm crisis (which was where family farming finally died in America) at some level fed into the development of anti-abortion activity and identity in the same period, by way of agrarian-magical fertility rites.

And for a lighter note: Key and Peele teach men about menstruation

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