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47 – Post Scarcity

If this episode sounds a little sub-par, it’s because Steven edited it since Kyle was on vacation. Let his reputation remain intact! Check out Naveen Mishra on twitter! @urstrulymishra   Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark Stanford’s Legal Design Lab Legalese: … Continue reading

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46 – Social Media and Outrage Culture

The Only Way to Win is Not to Play Major source used by Eneasz – Our Mind Can Be Hijacked Meditations on Moloch A recent Molochian short story Eneasz likes – Three Bodies at Mitanni The Two Income Trap Age … Continue reading

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45 – Cryptocurrencies

A quick primer, and what do they have to do with EA? Bitcoin mining takes off in Venezuela due to hyperinflation of the local currency and nearly-free electricity. China is starting to shut down legal BitCoin use. What makes Ethereum … Continue reading

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44 – Burning Man

Eneasz talks about his first Burning Man experience Sorry this is late. Please accept a 167 minute episode as apology? And 9/26 is Petrov Day! The 10 Principles of Burning Man, at the official Burning Man Organization site Eneasz’s series … Continue reading

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43 – Parenting as a Rationalist

We speak with aspiring rationalists with children. Our previous episode pondering children – Kids, These Days Louis C.K. has a bunch of stuff on parenting I Wonder by Annaka Harris, a book on emotional intelligence for children Article on treating kids … Continue reading

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42 – Emotionally Charged Discussion

Julia Galef’s ‘Update Project‘. Check out some of the other links on her website too. Steven: “There’s a ton of content and techniques in this area that I wanted to cover and didn’t get a chance to. I’m including a … Continue reading

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