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30 – Of Specks and Omlettes

We discuss a famously controversial post, despite our better judgement. With Sean and Matt. The Post: Torture Vs Dust Specks Rationality: From AI to Zombies – The Podcast Shut Up And Multiply is actually taken from two posts: Circular Altruism and The … Continue reading

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29 – Fiction and Fun with Max Harms

Crystal Society (or read it for free) Crystal Mentality Quick Links: Aubrey de Grey’s TED talk on extreme longevity Ending Aging – Aubrey de Grey’s book “The Sequences” – Compiled in book form. Max Harms on Cryonics (Video)  Micromort – The unit used … Continue reading

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Bonus Mini-Episode: I Did Nazi That Coming

Forgive the pun. I couldn’t help myself. (Steven) In this bonus episode, Eneasz and Steven respond to some of the feedback to the Nazi Punching episode. Thank you to everyone who provided thoughtful comments. Be assured we read everything, but … Continue reading

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28 – Effective Altruism

Being effective vs. feeling good. EA is a big topic, this is really just an intro for the uninitiated. The Life You Can Save, by Peter Singer (and the inspired-by website) Money: The Unit of Caring, by Eliezer Yudkowsky Nobody … Continue reading

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27 – On Punching Nazis

When is it OK to punch Nazis? With Sean. Original Richard Spencer being punched video Follow-up video of the guy who punched him being briefly confronted Eneasz’s two posts on the topic Ken White of Popehat On Punching Nazis (he’s against … Continue reading

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26 – Concept Networks and Hanging Nodes

Eliezer Yudkowsky’s original post on Neural Categories and hanging nodes. Scott Alexander on Diseased Thinking and a longer essay Concept Networks. The very worthwhile analysis on holiday gift giving reddit comment. Google’s deep learning utilizes these sorts of networks. “The … Continue reading

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