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57 – Community Talk with Bayesed and Confused

Join Steven and David Youssef as they talk about the rationality community, how to win, and explore some possible reasons that Rationalists aren’t all total rock stars! Links: Tim Ferris’s The Four Hour Work Week The works of Naseem Taleb, … Continue reading

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56 – Adventures in Tough Subjects

This episode got off to an interesting start. We usually test the mics with small talk and whatnot, but wound up just getting into interesting things and never quite got around to breaking to do an intro. I guess today we … Continue reading

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55 – Keeping up with the Rationalists

In this episode, we discuss 3 or 4 popular things currently (or recently) circulating Rationalist circles online. Yudkowsky on no fire alarms for AI. Zvi on the concept of Slack. Ben Hoffman “Sabbath Hard and Go Home“.  A Lesswrong Crypto … Continue reading

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54 – Nothing Can Prepare You For Robin Hanson

Robin Hanson returns to talk about his new book: The Elephant In The Brain Robin’s classic “X is not about Y” post. 2008! Man, time flies. Eneasz mentioned The North Pond Hermit. Relevant quote: “Solitude did increase my perception. But here’s … Continue reading

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53 – Principles of Curiosity with Brian Dunning

Brian Dunning of the Skeptoid podcast and Skeptoid Media Inc. returns to talk with us about his newest documentary, The Principles of Curiosity! (Website Link, Video Link) It presents a general introduction to the foundations of scientific skepticism and critical … Continue reading

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52 – Marriage is Obsolete Technology

A discussions as to whether marriage is outdated and net-harmful. In large part based on Eneasz’s blog post. Naveen recommends this discussion between 3Blue1Brown and Ben Eater on Net Neutrality See also Naveen’s current project – Standard Meta Next episode: The … Continue reading

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