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35 – Your Brain on Nootropics

** Fixed the audio. Please re-download for the correct episode. ** Drugs that boost mental performance for dummies. Did caffiene help kickstart the Enlightenment era? FOR SCIENCE! /r/nootropics for your nootropic discussion needs Other places to discuss include Nootropics Depot and … Continue reading

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34 – Lies, All Lies!

Slate Star Codex article – You Kant Dismiss Universalizability Wikipedia page on the Revelation Principle Eliezer’s post on LessWrong – Ends Don’t Justify Means (Among Humans) Another LessWrong post – Protected From Myself Louis CK bit on Lying (1:46 seconds long) … Continue reading

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33 – MIRI, and EA meta-discussion

We talk with Tsvi from MIRI Game-playing algorithm that pauses Tetris “On The Origin of Circuits“, discussing a chip hardware evolution experiment MIRI’s technical research agenda overview Alignment for advanced machine learning systems paper from MIRI Musk’s OpenAI Paul Christiano’s … Continue reading

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32 – Who’s Afraid of AI?

The Logical Fallacy of Generalizing from fictional evidence Genie Button Though Experiment Wait but Why on AI Part 1 and Part 2 The Downfall meme we mentioned. This is Steven’s favorite version. Yudkowsky vs Hanson – Great AI FOOM debate  and the … Continue reading

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31 – Digital Rights and Privacy

Who can access the external part of your brain that you carry around in your pocket? What rights do you have to it? With Chase. Police demand audio records from the Echo of a murder victim, Amazon displeased (more details) EFF … Continue reading

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30 – Of Specks and Omlettes

We discuss a famously controversial post, despite our better judgement. With Sean and Matt. The Post: Torture Vs Dust Specks Rationality: From AI to Zombies – The Podcast Shut Up And Multiply is actually taken from two posts: Circular Altruism and The … Continue reading

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