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72 – Productivity Tools, Part 2

Jess returns to finish up the Productivity Tools dicussion. The Waking Up #MeToo episode The Very Bad Wizards episode with moral dilemmas porn-ified The Planet Money Halloween episode Death Note fan-made alternate ending (the website is pretty bad with popups) LeBron … Continue reading

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71 – Researching Qualia with Andrés Gómez Emilsson

Steven can’t read a calender, so accidentally scheduled this to release a day late. In this episode, we talk with Andrés Gómez Emilsson from the Qualia Research Institute. Buckle up for some dialogue on the intersection between philosophy and science. … Continue reading

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70 – Kick-offs

We kick off a couple things: The Sequences Reading/Discussion, and What Lies Dreaming The OG Sequences in chronological order we read: The Martial Art of Rationality ; Why Truth? And… ; …What’s a Bias Again? For next time: The Proper Use of Humility ; The Modesty … Continue reading

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69 – Culture War 2.0

Alas, we had some technical difficulties in this episode too and we lost some small chunks of audio. I cropped it as best I could, but there’s some little bits where you can tell the audio skips a bit. Today’s … Continue reading

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68 – Can’t Give Up Freeman

Matt Freeman may be distant in body, but he is present in spirit Moridinamael’s A Dialogue on Rationalist Activism KatjaGrace’s Are ethical asymmetries from property rights? Yudkowsky’s Transhumanism as Simplified Humanism Very Bad Wizards ep 148 Am I Wrong? Moridinamael’s Spamming Micro-Intentions to … Continue reading

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67 – Freestyle Community Talk with Matt Freeman

This episode has some audio quirks. We ended up having our recording software crash (but saved most of our audio) after about an hour and 15 minutes, so we have a tone shift at that point since we took a … Continue reading

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