36 – The Other Kind of Drugs

All the cool kids are doing podcasts about drugs, so…

The DARE program’s lack of efficacy (see also: Wikipedia page on DARE studies)

How to get addicted to heroin without really trying. Eneasz thought he read this in The New Yorker, but it was actually Cracked, which is like the New Yorker except more prestigious.

Sam Harris’s podcast episode “Drugs And The Meaning of Life

Slate Star Codex – Why Were Early Psychedelicists So Weird?

American culture’s treatment of alcohol makes abuse worse – Short BBC article, Super Long Website, Huge PDF (Shelly points us to p156 & p386).

The “wet house”

Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001 and is doing pretty well

Some areas of northern Mexico are basically cartel-states now

Eneasz couldn’t find any back-up for his claim that all cultures experience a 100-year pause in development after the discovery of alcohol, and since alcohol has been around since basically the start of civilization, he’s beginning to suspect that anecdote was meant as a joke.

Fake alcohol can still get people drunk (within limits)

The experience of a woman did acid weekly for almost a year and nearly died (not daily, as we’d mentioned in the episode). Fascinating post.

A presidential aide to Nixon reports that the Drug War was specifically about targeting the groups Nixon felt were his enemies.

Do children see the sky as blue, or even see “it” at all, before we tell them it’s there? Maybe Not

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  1. Metastable says:

    Aella’s post “Permanent Mental Effects from LSD”: knowingless.com/2018/01/17/permanent-mental-effects-from-lsd/

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