68 – Can’t Give Up Freeman

Matt Freeman may be distant in body, but he is present in spirit

Moridinamael’s A Dialogue on Rationalist Activism

KatjaGrace’s Are ethical asymmetries from property rights?

Yudkowsky’s Transhumanism as Simplified Humanism

Very Bad Wizards ep 148 Am I Wrong?

Moridinamael’s Spamming Micro-Intentions to Generate Willpower

Crystal Society podcast

The Society of Mind by Marvin Minsky – actually from 1988!

Horizon Zero Dawn

Undertale (and on Steam)

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67 – Freestyle Community Talk with Matt Freeman

This episode has some audio quirks. We ended up having our recording software crash (but saved most of our audio) after about an hour and 15 minutes, so we have a tone shift at that point since we took a 20 minute break while we got our stuff back up and running.

A Dialogue on Rationalist Activism – A dialogue-form essay Matt wrote the day after we recorded this episode

We’ve Got Ward

Doof Media

Banned Things Store

Policy Debates Should Not Appear One Sided

Russia Rationalist Group Three Years Retrospective

The Fugitive Slave Clause (Steven brought this up and wanted to make sure the facts were easy to find)

Thomas’ Enchiridion Translation Kickstarter

Current Unsong Audiobook Project (hasn’t posted since March 2017 and is on chapter 12)

Big thanks to David for our intro music! Check out his music and VFX here!

We’d like to thank creators of our new outro music from the Sumerki Project! Check out their stuff here!

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The Sword of Good

A confluence of time-expensive events prevented us from recording an episode this week. However, since Shut Up And Do The Impossible: The Rational Fiction Online Anthology was just released, we’re podcasting a story from that anthology instead. This audio was first released at The Methods of Rationality podcast.

Sword of Good original text

Shut Up And Do The Impossible: The Rational Fiction Online Anthology

Audio Music & FX credits

The Methods of Rationality podcast

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66 – Feedback & Productivity (pt1)

We finally get to some older listener feedback, then discuss productivity tools & systems. Also, Eneasz unveiled Shut Up And Do The Impossible: The Rational Fiction Online Anthology.

Lizard hatching; Lizard chased by snakes

Malcom Gladwell on the (non-)value of getting into Harvard

Bayesians vs Barbarians

Universal Paperclips – the paperclip maximizer game, plus Wired’s article about it

Rescue Time

Steven really likes Apollo, even though they aren’t paying us 🙂

Tomato Timer

The Less Wrong study hall

Scott fixes Melatonin use

Band-aid removal speed pain study

Wait But Why on chronic lateness

Getting Things Done

Aluminum Pocket Notebook w/ Pen


The Oatmeal on Running

Luke’s LW post on The Procrastination Equation, and the book The Procrastination Equation

The Value of Time calculator at Clearer Thinking

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65 – Religion, and The Intelligent Social Web

Eneasz is still allergic to mysticism, but he really likes thinking of society as a super-being that guides humans and cares about their actions. Does this foresay doom for our host?

A correction: Eneasz made a joke about Calvanists being Catholics, which is the opposite of the truth, they’re a sect of Protestantism. Oops!

Outside the Laboratory

Newcomblike Problems Are the Norm

The Intelligent Social Web


The Tyranny of Biology

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64 – Magick with David Youssef

It’s only almost as crazy as it sounds.

A bunch of links to help you get started on Magick!

UltraCulture’s guide:

The Complete Psychonaut Field Manual: A Cartoon Guide to Chaos Magick

RUNE SOUP links:

All things Sigils

Sigils Reboot: How to Get Big Magic From Little Squiggles

Very Bad Company – Occultism and Power

Even a Really Big Map Is Not the Territory

Why Belief is the Wrong Word to Use

The Other Middle Pillar: An Org Chart of Practical Magic

The Slate Star Codex post we mention. (Buckle up, this one is weird)

Universal Love, Said the Cactus Person

David’s email, if you want to get in touch for real estate purposes: dydavidyoussef@gmail.com

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