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62 – Stoic Chatter and RatChat!

This episode is a bit unusual in that our pre-recording mic check conversation sort of kept going into a conversation we felt was worth sharing. We redacted some of the personal identifiable info and names of actual people, so if … Continue reading

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61 – Biohacking 101

We speak with Serge Faguet about biohacking. The lowest hanging fruit is, of course, sleep and exercise. Going beyond that, Serge mentioned: 23 And Me for DNA sequencing Promethease for further DNA analysis Life Extension Foundation for supplements Oura Ring … Continue reading

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60 – 98% Likelihood This Episode is about Metaculus

We speak with Anthony Aguirre of Metaculus. Try out Metaculus, it’s neat and helps one train their calibration. Future of Life Institute Rat Chat: Maps vs Buttons; Nerds vs Normies Big thanks to David for our intro music! I’ll add … Continue reading

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59 – Gettin’ Schooled

We discuss schooling and education with Audrey. Robin Hanson argues that schooling is to domesticate humans. The Zvi is much more emotionally compelling in his Case Against Education and it’s follow-up (with more coming) Scott Alexander examines why DC’s graduation … Continue reading

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58 – Inside Trump Country with Joshua

This one got off to an odd start since we were on a time crunch and Joshua as delayed in arriving. As a result, this one is way more disorganized than usual. We hope it’s fun nonetheless. Big thanks to … Continue reading

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57 – Community Talk with Bayesed and Confused

Join Steven and David Youssef as they talk about the rationality community, how to win, and explore some possible reasons that Rationalists aren’t all total rock stars! Links: Tim Ferris’s The Four Hour Work Week The works of Naseem Taleb, … Continue reading

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