16 – Animals Again

We addressed a couple things that we missed last time, and got carried away.

Katrina referenced the book “Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?

Chimps have amazing flash-memory

AIs can fly our fighter jets better than we can

A partial list of animals by neuron-count.

OpenWorm – Building the First Digital Lifeform

The Valley of Bad Rationality

Ozy re: Rationalist Culture. Eneasz’s fav quote (edited for length) – “LW Tumblr tends to view rationality not as a set of beliefs but as a set of topics. So if you post “the Singularity is the rapture for nerds”, rationalist Tumblr as a whole will conclude that you are a rationalist and trying to be friends, and will behave accordingly. (“Behaving accordingly” involves reblogging you with long-winded rebuttals)

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2 Responses to 16 – Animals Again

  1. Tepid Gruel says:

    Best sound bite ever: 28:05

    Eneasz: “Can it sting me and lay eggs in me at the same time?”
    Katrina: “Kind of.”
    Eneasz: “God damn it.”

    Also, Katrina is the queen of the zerg 🙂

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