44 – Burning Man

Eneasz talks about his first Burning Man experience

Sorry this is late. Please accept a 167 minute episode as apology?

And 9/26 is Petrov Day!

The 10 Principles of Burning Man, at the official Burning Man Organization site

Eneasz’s series of posts on Burning Man – (01, 2, 3, 4, 5 (some repetition from what’s in the podcast)

There’s a couple minutes of extra talk about the Burning Man Suicide that is available on Patreon. It’s free for anyone who wants to hear it, but we didn’t include it in the main episode, and don’t have it available on our main RSS feed, so that no one accidentally listens to it.

Does criticizing rationalists make you rationalist-adjacent? Ozy and the SSC subreddit gesture in the direction of “yeah, pretty much”. 🙂

We couldn’t contact Thomas in time to get his source, and will update this once we can, but it’s possible he was referring to the CDC’s fact sheet stating “CDC projects that approximately one in six MSM overall are at risk of being diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime if current diagnoses rates persist”

Thomas’s game design company – Sixpence Games

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