The Mind Killer Episode 3 – Opening Up

New intro/outro music: On Sale by Golden Duck Orchestra

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The Bayesian Conspiracy Reddit, featuring Sonarman720’s feedback from last episode

News discussed:

The Navy is now recommending that Capt. Crozier be reinstated

Georgia is opening up some businesses

Florida beaches are limiting the hours they are open

State are forming regional coalitions to coordinate reopening

The FDA is no longer arbitrarily blocking non-cotton swabs being used in coronavirus testing

World Food Program warns of worldwide food shortages

Trump wants to cure Coronavirus by injecting bleach into people

The cholera riots

Michigan (not Wisconsin!) seems to have some arbitrary social distancing rules

Robert Graboyes #PostCOVID twitter thread


Happy news!

Listen to Planet Money!

Las Vegas has a drive in strip club

Emergent Ventures: supporting entrepreneurs with ideas for meaningfully improving society


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