171 – All About AGP

Tailcalled gives us the down low on a variation of the popularly discussed (if not that widely liked) transgender typology – autogynephilia (or AGP). Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, Jace was only on for part of the episode and our software didn’t appreciate the confusion and dropped his audio entirely.

Tailcalled’s blog:  https://surveyanon.wordpress.com/

Some specific links from Tailcalled:

Some of my better or more important or more relevant posts that you might want to link: Autogynephilia is not a natural abstraction
(My attempt to explain the thing I said at the end about why we will never get a better understanding of AGP)

A dataset of common AGP/AAP fantasies
(To get an idea of what AGP can be like, with the caveat that most people in the AGP debates focus on different and rarer forms of AGP)

Using instrumental variables to test the direction of causality between autogynephilia and gender dissatisfaction
(Some of the advanced causal inference stuff I’ve experimented with to study AGP; to an extent I now think my idea was flawed – I have other blog posts talking about the flaws – but it might be nice to include as an illustration)

The mathematical consequences of a toy model of gender transition
(I sort of explained that model in the interview but it might not have been very clear, so making it formal helps)

Meta-attraction cannot account for all autogynephiles’ interest in men
(The post that really marked the start of my dissatisfaction with Blanchardians)

0:00:00 Intro/Main Topic
1:26:00 LW posts
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LessWrong posts Discussed in this Episode:

Rational vs. Scientific Ev-Psych

A Failed Just-So Story

Next Episode’s Sequence Posts:

But There’s Still A Chance, Right?

The Fallacy of Gray

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  1. tailcalled says:

    Another thing, there’s the whole debate about gender classification, of which rationalists have usually written on the trans side (e.g. The Categories Are Made For Man…). If you want to learn about the other side of the argument and participate in discussion about it, Unremediated Genderspace might be for you:


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