BREAKING – FTX collapse & EA shockwaves

While recording the next episode we got to talking about the FTX collapse and some of the waves it sent through the Effective Altruism community. We decided to break it out into a separate segment so it can air while it’s still relevant.

FTX: The $32B implosion – a good fast roundup of what the hell happened

Yudkowsky’s essay on FTX Future Fund money that’s been paid out

Yudkowsky’s essay warning against humans trying to use utilitarianism 14 years ago

Bunch of Twitter – The reason we have excess money to give; Robert Wiblin; a god complex; conflating utilitarianism with naive utilitarianism; the ultimate take-away

Our recent episode on Virtue Ethics

Erik Hoel criticizing EA

More details about the FTX stuff will be on the next episode of The Mind Killer

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