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97 – Oops, We Accidentally Over Two Hours of Feedback

We get to back-logged feedback. We Want MoR is now live, back at the old home of the HP:MoR Podcast! Ra, by Sam Hughes (also on Amazon) Helpful links provided by commentor  Lorien: references on air pollution (quick and dirty … Continue reading

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96 – Do Words Mean Things, Also Sex Science!

The Conspirators sort of continue the conversation from our last episode, after meandering around about the meaning of words/their relevance to current usage. Eventually we’ll get to the LessWrong sequence on the Human Use of Words and this confusion will … Continue reading

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95 – It’s Gender Time! Part 1

Trigger warnings: Gender! Culture Wars! Opinons! Facts? (Also, some amount of tension/discomfort in this episode. Be ye warned.) Please contribute to this discussion! Please keep it non-terrible. Articles that sparked the discussion: The Disappearing Thems, Versus Them, Reducing the Spectrum … Continue reading

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94 – The Problem At Yale Isn’t Free Speech, It’s Lack of Batmans

Elite education institutions aren’t give us Bruce Waynes anymore, and this is a problem. Our article: The Real Problem At Yale Is Not Free Speech Also relevant: The Wayne Republican Tradition, and Against Against Billionaire Philanthropy   Hey look, we … Continue reading

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93 – Conflict vs Mistake

In this episode, we try to explain the Slate Star Codex post, Conflict vs Mistake. We hope we didn’t make any major mistakes, and if we did, that it won’t cause any kind of conflict. Links: – SSC: Conflict vs … Continue reading

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92 – Replacing Guilt

Jess and Phoenix tell us about Replacing Guilt. Favorites from the series: “Should” considered harmful and Confidence all the way up Another recommended book is The Courage To Be Disliked Also mentioned – Flint’s water is OK now. Hey look, … Continue reading

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