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76 – Patreon and Censorship

  David and Jess sit down with Eneasz and Steven to discuss the controversy of Patreon banning contributors from its platform. David mentioned the connection between Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein’s many, many accusations of raping young girls and soliciting the opportunity … Continue reading

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75 – Culture Roots of America

We discuss these two SSC posts: BOOK REVIEW: EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOPATHOLOGY BOOK REVIEW: ALBION’S SEED also mentioned: ALBION’S SEED, GENOTYPED, and the Dark Matter Conservative Universe is mentioned in I Can Tolerate Anything Except The Outgroup   Sequence Posts for next … Continue reading

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74 – Adventures in Feedback!

Eneasz, Jess, and Steven go down rabbit hole after rabbit hole while attempting to address some of our feedback backlog. Enjoy! Rationality from AI to Zombies: The Simple Truth (Audio Version) Stan Lee Cameo in Spiderman Game Massimo Pigliucci vs … Continue reading

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73 – Truth and Winning

The conspiracy worries about our post-truth government and looks at the question of why Rationalists aren’t at the top of everything they do.   Articles/things discussed in this episode Link with analysis and discussion of the Jim Acosta incident Sailor … Continue reading

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72 – Productivity Tools, Part 2

Jess returns to finish up the Productivity Tools dicussion. The Waking Up #MeToo episode The Very Bad Wizards episode with moral dilemmas porn-ified The Planet Money Halloween episode Death Note fan-made alternate ending (the website is pretty bad with popups) LeBron … Continue reading

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71 – Researching Qualia with Andrés Gómez Emilsson

Steven can’t read a calender, so accidentally scheduled this to release a day late. In this episode, we talk with Andrés Gómez Emilsson from the Qualia Research Institute. Buckle up for some dialogue on the intersection between philosophy and science. … Continue reading

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