25 – Tinder, Actually

The Conspirators meander through various topics, using a Tinder encounter as a framing story:



Steven’s OKCupid stats come from Rationally Speaking episode 89

Katrina’s OKCupid stats (and pic) come from Big Lies People Tell

The Toxoplasma of Rage

Dan Dennett’s talk

Haidt on The Moral Roots of Conservatives and Liberals

Philosophers and their beards

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Fun on Tinder!

Ho hum, I’ll just flip through this person’s images…

Image of a couple Slight zoom on the image of a young couple. Fully zoomed on the image of a young couple, excluding them and focusing only on a person in the background.





































Photoshop Magic!






























I didn’t get the sad Kermit memo

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The Conspiracy Welcomes You

Discussions often happen at the Bayesian Conspiracy subreddit

We now have a Patreon page!

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24 – Signaling


Robin Hanson’s “What is Signaling?”

Scott Alexander’s definition of signaling: a method of conveying information among not-necessarily-trustworthy parties by performing an action which is more likely or less costly if the information is true than if it is not true.

A list of some blog posts about signaling courtesy of Less Wrong.

Hanson on sitting in on classes at Stanford.

*You usually need a degree for a job in academia 😛

The Logic of Stupid Poor People

Alternative perspective: poor person with designer purse

Brian Caplan on illegal IQ tests

Venomous. We mean that the snakes are venomous, not poisonous.

Batesian mimicry is parasitic in that one species (the most edible one) benefits to the detriment of the model species. It can only be maintained if the harm caused to the predator by eating the model outweighs the benefit of eating the mimic. –Sterns & Hoekstra. Evolution: An Introduction (5th ed.). p. 464.

Katrina: To clarify, it’s hard for me to tell where the truth lies on the cost/benefit analysis of making a child. It isn’t hard to predict a child’s impact on carbon emissions. That’s clearly a cost.

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23 – Desirism with Alonzo Fyfe

Alonzo blogs at The Atheist Ethicist

Common Sense Atheism’s ULTIMATE Desirism FAQ

Link to The Atheist Ethicist’s overview of Desirism

Wikia page on Desirism



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22 – Moral Philosophy

Doing the Right Thing

Wikipedia on:
Ethical Egoism
Divine Command Theory
Moral Relativism
Virtue Ethics
Care Ethics

Euthyphro’s Dilemma


Katrina mentioned that she’d read that the impact of child rape is less severe on cultures where this practice is typical. It turns out is was a comment on this LessWrong post and the validity of this statement is not certain.

Kant bites the bullet on not lying to murderers in his typically named essay “On A Supposed Right To Lie From Altruistic Motives“.

SSC somewhat in favor of Deontology – You Kant Dismiss Universalizability

Common Rationalist saying: Consequentialism is Ideal, But Deontology is Safe for Humans

Philosophy gets a lot of side-eye from Rationalists, in large part because of things Like This. But see also LukeProg’s Take

YouTube video where Katrina is arguing with a video gamer about the goodness of the protagonist of The Last Of Us.

Video of a bloody penguin fight over a female.

Planet Money episode on economic policies all economists are fully behind, but which will never be implemented.

Our Voting episode (with Tim!)

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Bonus mini-episode: Trump-Reacting

The conspirators discuss a minor setback.

The Safety Pin movement

Scott Alexander on your model of the electorate

A slightly-more-articulate version of Eneasz’s decision to change the deep past now

Eliezer Yudkowsky on the optimism of Trump voters


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