29 – Fiction and Fun with Max Harms

Crystal Society (or read it for free)

Crystal Mentality

Quick Links:

Aubrey de Grey’s TED talk on extreme longevity

Ending Aging – Aubrey de Grey’s book

“The Sequences” – Compiled in book form.

Max Harms on Cryonics (Video) 

Micromort – The unit used to measure a one in a million chance of dying

Rationalist blogs:







Less Wrong Slack

Rationalist subreddits:



Less Wrong Study Hall

Crystal Mentality:

Amazon – http://amzn.to/2lUTCuF

Gumroad – https://gumroad.com/l/CrystalMentality

Other Rational Fics:

Animorphs: The Reckoning – Animorphs are actually trying to win!

Harry Potter and the Natural 20 – Hogwarts isn’t ready for a DnD Hero! 

Worm – The superhero fiction where the super humans are actually creative! 

MIRI’s rational fiction prize 

Also of note – Rationally Writing podcast (and at iTunes)

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Bonus Mini-Episode: I Did Nazi That Coming

Forgive the pun. I couldn’t help myself. (Steven)

In this bonus episode, Eneasz and Steven respond to some of the feedback to the Nazi Punching episode. Thank you to everyone who provided thoughtful comments. Be assured we read everything, but we only have so much time to respond on the air.

The Innocence Project is the group we mentioned that investigates the cases of people on death row.

This is the article on the FBI investigation into white supremacist infiltration into law enforcement, provided by Matt, that we discussed in the episode.

Sam Harris & Glenn C. Loury – Racism and Violence in America

Article on Outrage Marketing – I Helped Create the Milo Trolling Playbook. You Should Stop Playing Right Into It

A Brief History of Redlining

Hailing Trump with a drink….

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28 – Effective Altruism

Being effective vs. feeling good. EA is a big topic, this is really just an intro for the uninitiated.

The Life You Can Save, by Peter Singer (and the inspired-by website)

Money: The Unit of Caring, by Eliezer Yudkowsky

Nobody is Perfect, Everything is Commensurate, by Scott Alexander

What Is The Greatest Good? – an EA profile in The Atlantic, wherein they refer to EA as “generosity for nerds” (Which is one of the ways you can tell it’s better than pleb generosity. 😉 – Eneasz)

GiveWell.org, probably the best-known site for evaluating charity effectiveness. They are the source of the oft-cited ~$3000 = one life saved statistic (based on the effectiveness of their top-rated charity, the Against Malaria Foundation)

Giving What We Can – where you can make the 10% pledge, in addition to getting more info

80,000 Hours – making a difference via your career by putting your comparative advantage to the best use.

2017 AI Risk Literature Review and Charity Comparison – We briefly discussed the Machine Intelligence Research Institute and it’s possible relationship to Effective Altruism. This article is an in-depth analysis of some aspects of that topic.

Center For Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism.org

Animal Charity Evaluators

The Salvation Army – :/ at best

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27 – On Punching Nazis

When is it OK to punch Nazis? With Sean.

Original Richard Spencer being punched video
Follow-up video of the guy who punched him being briefly confronted

Eneasz’s two posts on the topic

Ken White of Popehat On Punching Nazis (he’s against it, for good legal reasons)

A pro-punching piece a friend sent to Eneasz

The Alternative Right piece discussing black genocide that is quoted

Who is this “Black Bloc?”

The shooting of a (not really) Nazi at University of Washington

Derek Black, the white supremacist who was invited to dinner by Jewish classmates and decided he wouldn’t be a supremacist anymore.

Superman vs The KKK, on This American Life, where Eneasz first heard of it, although it looks to have first appeared in Freakonomics and so has probably shown up all over the place.

Non-Violent options for change at Indivisible Guide

Change My View at reddit


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26 – Concept Networks and Hanging Nodes

Eliezer Yudkowsky’s original post on Neural Categories and hanging nodes.

Scott Alexander on Diseased Thinking and a longer essay Concept Networks.

The very worthwhile analysis on holiday gift giving reddit comment.

Google’s deep learning utilizes these sorts of networks. “The Great AI Awakening” discusses this at some length, and is Eneasz’s source for visual recognition software finding cats in youtube videos and The Hidden Watchers.

This Alien Shore is what inspired Eneasz’s face-tattoos, it contains a society where every morning people apply very elaborate face make-up to signal their interests, social status, careers, education, etc. Those who are very confident they won’t have personality shifts over time get them tattooed on.

TED talk by David Epstein regarding extreme body-types of the most elite athletes. Link starts at 6:00, but the first six minutes of the talk is about how new technology has led to record-breaking improvements in performance, which is also very interesting.

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25 – Tinder, Actually

The Conspirators meander through various topics, using a Tinder encounter as a framing story:



Steven’s OKCupid stats come from Rationally Speaking episode 89

Katrina’s OKCupid stats (and pic) come from Big Lies People Tell

The Toxoplasma of Rage

Dan Dennett’s talk

Haidt on The Moral Roots of Conservatives and Liberals

Philosophers and their beards

Our brand new Patreon page!





Fun on Tinder!

Ho hum, I’ll just flip through this person’s images…

Image of a couple Slight zoom on the image of a young couple. Fully zoomed on the image of a young couple, excluding them and focusing only on a person in the background.





































Photoshop Magic!






























I didn’t get the sad Kermit memo

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