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The Bayesian Conspiracy is a conversational podcast for the less hardcore rationalist, who wants to level-up their rational skills while listening to nerdy people argue. Are ya with us?!

Email us at BayesianConspiracyPodcast@gmail.com, or comment at the subreddit.



Suit-bearing StevenSteven Zuber – Software developer with an interest in science, philosophy, and all things contemplative.  Spends time reading, playing video games, and occasionally socializing. Steven will defend himself from Katrina’s swords with a sword!

Eneasz Pith HatEneasz Brodski – Protects himself from Katrina’s swords with pith helmets. Dabbler in many things, and aspiring SF writer. Also runs a rationalist fanfiction podcast.



Sound Engineer:

Kyle Moore – Sound engineer, photographer, furniture maker. In other words, an incoherent mess. Also an aspiring noob rationalist.

Host Emeritus:

Those swords in the background aren't mine.

Those swords in the background aren’t mine.

Katrina Stanton – Lounging on the shoulders of giants. A lover of accuracy, a biology aficionado, a fan of invertebrates, but definitely not a sword user. Don’t be fooled.