210 – Demographic Collapse & Religion with Simone & Malcolm Collins

We speak with Simone and Malcolm from Based Camp and Pronatalist.org. World population is a few decades from collapse if trends continue. Is this bad, and what can be done?

Based Camp YouTube  and Podcast
The mentioned where to live document
Project Eureka (the Collins’s town to move to project)
The Pragmatist’s Guide to Crafting Religion
TBC – You Are In Newcomb’s IQ Shredder
TBC – CyberChristianity
Scott Alexander – The Toxoplasma Of Rage
Unweaving The Rainbow
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0:00:17 – Simone & Malcolm
1:18:54 – Guild of the Rose Update
1:20:17 – Less Wrong Posts
1:40:10 – Thank the Patron

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Rationality: From AI to Zombies, The Podcast

LessWrong Sequence Posts Discussed in this Episode:

Explaining vs. Explaining Away

Fake Reductionism

Next Sequence Posts:

Savanna Poets

Joy in the Merely Real

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One Response to 210 – Demographic Collapse & Religion with Simone & Malcolm Collins

  1. Mike says:

    When you were talking about poems and why it can’t be better conveyed by plain words, I immediately thought of a poem I wrote when my parental leave ended and my kid first started daycare. There are words for how I felt about it, but the poem expresses it better.

    And since it’s about kids and so on-topic for the rest of the episode, I thought I’d share:

    A tiny piece of self apart
    These tiny hands that hold my hears
    A tiny flake of dancing snow
    A tiny spark that flickers light
    And all my strength to keep her cold
    And all my will to keep her bright
    A reckless world, a storming sea
    A tempest, a flood, a fight
    A tiny little all-of-me
    A tiny candle in the night
    Oh great colossal everything!
    Oh weighty little one
    Oh fear, oh joy, oh thrive, oh sing!
    Oh worry just begun.

    Thanks for another great episode!

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