211 – The Social Justice Religion with Tracing Woodgrains

“Social justice progressivism (SJP) is the first time most people—including most Christians—have encountered a truly vital religion,” argues Tracing Woodgrains. We dive into this.

The Twitter Essay we’re discussing
Tracing Woodgrains on Twitter
Tracing Woodgrains’s SubStack
Trace’s piece on the FAA scandal/conspiracy
Eneasz’s post on repenting for new atheism
Eliezer on Every Cause Wants To Be A Cult
TBC episode 7(!) with a negative utilitarian (Kill All Humans)
Yassine’s thread on religious tolerance of wokism
Robin Williams escaped Lewy Body Dementia
Richard Dawkins’s The Greatest Show On Earth
Scott Alexander’s Fascination Lottery
Worth The Candle by Alexander Wales
Eneasz on The Peace of Westphalia and the War on Christmas

0:00:17 – The New Vital Religion
1:22:31 – Guild of the Rose Update
1:23:42 – Less Wrong Posts
1:43:36 – Thank the Patron

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LessWrong Sequence Posts Discussed in this Episode:

Savanna Poets

Joy in the Merely Real

Next Sequence Posts:

Joy in Discovery

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