205 – The Snake Cult of Consciousness

We discuss the idea that human consciousness may have literally been kick-started by a ritual developed by a snake cult, which is surprisingly plausible.

The Snake Cult of Consciousness by Andrew Cutler
or listen to the original post in audio, thanks to AskWho for providing!

Review of Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Scott Alexander
Eve Theory of Consciousness (v2) also by Andrew Cutler
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Pronouns by Andrew Cutler
Erowid Psychedelics FAQ, read before tripping!
Sam Harris’s Episode 346 – The Best Kept Secret In History?
We found the account of young hunter-gatherer boys living in a flow state, here
Our analysis of The Truman Show as a retelling of the Genesis Fall From Grace myth
Our aborted attempt at an analysiscast of Planecrash
When Steven mentions Marcus speaking to his son Quintus he is reference Eneasz’s historic fantasy novel What Lies Dreaming

0:02:19 – Feedback
0:13:06 – Snake Cults!
1:36:51 – Guild of the Rose Update
1:39:01 – Less Wrong Posts
1:55:15 – Thank the Patron

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LessWrong Sequence Posts Discussed in this Episode:

Words as Mental Paintbrush Handles

Variable Question Fallacies

Next Sequence Posts:

37 Ways That Words Can Be Wrong

Dissolving the Question

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