204 – Simulacra Levels with Zvi (and more)

We speak with Zvi Mowshowitz about his work and recent history, what happened at OpenAI, and then really dig into Simulacra Levels – a way to categorize the different types of things people are attempting to do when they say words to other people.

Zvi’s Simulacra Levels Summary
Less Wrong Simulacra Page
Zvi on the Clearer Thinking podcast re Simulacra
Zvi on OpenAI’s Battle of the Board
On Bounded Distrust
Zvi’s Substack
Zvi’s Twitter
You Get About Five Words
More Dakka

0:00:23 – Zvi’s many exploits with rationalism
0:26:13 – What happened at OpenAI?
0:41:49 – Simulacra Level 1
0:45:43 – Simulacra Level 2
1:02:38 – Simulacra Level 3
1:11:02 – Why these terms?
1:18:19 – 1-3 Recap
1:22:15 – Simulacra Level 4
1:42:56 – Less Wrong Posts
1:59:17 – Guild of the Rose Update
2:00:33 – Thank the Patron

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Rationality: From AI to Zombies, The Podcast

LessWrong Sequence Posts Discussed in this Episode:

Searching for Bayes-Structure

Conditional Independence, and Naive Bayes

Next Sequence Posts:

Words as Mental Paintbrush Handles

Variable Question Fallacies

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