20 – What’s important?

Subjects the politicians aren’t talking about, that they really should be talking about.


UN resolution on antibiotics

US banning of antibiotics in soap

Guy with potentially antibiotic resistant tuberculosis (that ended up not so dangerous) sued CDC.

More drug resistant tuberculosis!

Internet access in prison is pretty limited. :/

Mortality rate for people infected with ebola.

Up to 100,000 deaths annually related to medical personnel not washing their hands (in 2009).

Polio eradication hoped to be achieved by 2018

Will MacAskill, author of Doing Good Better and founder of the Center for Effective Altruism – the idea of giving a cash prize to the group that comes up with the cure rather than funding research directly. (Discussed in this episode of the Sam Harris Podcast)

Methuselah Mouse Prize and Methuselah Foundation, of Aubrey de Gray

Katrina has been watching too many cute dog videos

American manufacturing jobs are not coming back

~3.5 million Americans work as truckers

Minimum wage in Colorado in 2016: $8.31/ hour


Meditations on Moloch by Scott Alexander

Nick Land

Permutation City by Greg Egan

Estimates for the timing of the heat death of the universe – over a quadrillion years.

To clarify, Russell, I don’t think it’s fair to stomp on your ideas without your input, mine was a self-deprecating comment. – Katrina

Moon base mockery

Article on patients not being allowed to alter medical devices in their own bodies

Digital locks prevent farmers from changing their own tractor oil (although every 16 hours of use seems excessive, even the meticulous seem to only do so every 50. Maybe Eneasz misheard “every 60”)

Sam Harris 15 minute TED talk on AI risk

Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom

Elon Musk was born in South Africa.

Golden Fleece awards

Will drones end the Age of the Gun?

Regarding the warrior class: Katrina thought that land owners spent tons of effort and money on fighting and armor to keep their middle sons distracted.

Eneasz meant “growing autonomy” of drones.

Bill Gates’ position on AI

DarkLordAzreal’s comment about The Microverse in a box question: Maybe think about it this way… given that the simulated micro-world is an exact copy of the world, then any person has a 50% chance of being in the box rather than in the original world.

The Aliens have Landed! – Tim Freeman’s story about the aliens and pebble-sized torture Earths.

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