42 – Emotionally Charged Discussion

Julia Galef’s ‘Update Project‘. Check out some of the other links on her website too.

Steven: “There’s a ton of content and techniques in this area that I wanted to cover and didn’t get a chance to. I’m including a couple of further reading suggestions below.”

Brienne Yudkowsky’s blog “Agenty Duck” is the best source of introspective techniques and considerations on this and related topics that I’ve come across. I suggest starting with this post.

I’m also a huge fan of the Double Crux Game, which I’ve never had a chance to play formally. Basically you and a willing participant with whom you disagree on something figure out what the root cause of your disagreement is (almost never the apparent disagreement) and analyze the crux of your disagreement. At the end, you shouldn’t disagree anymore (like good Bayesians!) Check out links about this here and here.

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  1. Senjiu says:

    I’m just writing this down while listening to it so it might not be well thought-out, please correct me where I misunderstand things.

    Wait, Steven, movie theaters are dark! I don’t see how you can return fire well enough there.
    Also, I assume policemen are trained in using their guns too, they still often manage to hit more bystanders than criminals.
    Also to me firing guns in computer games is way more fun than firing guns in real life. I had the basic military training that germans used to get when every physically capable male between the age of 18 and 26 or so had a chance of having to serve in the military or do something socially useful (like help out in a hospital).. I decided to do the military thing because of school shootings, the blame on video games and I wanted to know what I was talking about by checking out the real thing. (The drafted people only had to defend against an actual invasion in germany, not go to afghanistan or something).

    On the topic of not believing in global warming being linked to hating gay people: I think that’s a result of politics. The red camp is against gays, immigrants and doesn’t believe in climate change. The blue camp is the opposite on those things (although I don’t see the politics changing MUCH when a different president is sitting in the white house). Do you think without politics those things would be linked in the same way?

    On the google memo thing: My opinion is that the memo in general makes good points and the way it was presented in the press was horrible. “Sexist google employee was fired for writing sexist memo” and things like that. And I think the memo was an internal thing but got leaked?
    The other points he made were “you shouldn’t prioritise picking women for certain roles over equally qualified male contestants – gender shouldn’t play a role in such decisions”, stuff like that. That denying men the same support that women get is unfair, like free supplemental classes only for women and stuff.
    I think the guy felt a bit like this guy:

    On the DRM thing… maybe they should make it so they cannot sell hardware together with the software AND they have to provide documentation when selling the hardware so people can write software for it?
    On the other hand, people should just pay more attention to what companies do when they do major purchases, so when you buy a printer make sure you can use other ink cartridges, not just the ones from that company or something, which might be cheaper in the long run anyway?

    Also thanks Kyle. And thanks everyone else for making the podcast.

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