41 – Ritual and Spirituality

More ritual than spirituality, honestly. We were aiming for both, but caught up in ritual. Perhaps we’ll revisit the spirituality aspect in a future episode!

Melting Asphalt on Religion, Politics, and Self-Suppression

Welcome to Night Vale, and my All Hail summary

The type of poetry Eneasz likes is called “villanelles.” Here are four great examples.

From Less Wrong: An Alien God, and Thou Art Godshatter.

From SSC: Meditations on Moloch

From Jai: 500 Million, But Not a Single One More

Norman Borlaug & Dunbar’s Number again

Sam Harris’s book on spirituality, Waking Up

Sam Harris on Islam and the Misuses of Ecstasy

GadBeebe on Scotland’s laws on consent and autonomy, specifically the Adults with Incapacity Act

Jamal wrote in with this relevant link! It’s called Meditation 101 and covers all the basics.

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3 Responses to 41 – Ritual and Spirituality

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  2. Senjiu says:

    I honestly don’t care about the bye. I think.

    Maybe it’s because you guys are outside my 150 people sphere of actual real people. Well, maybe Eneasz isn’t, since I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of him talking (or reading) but you’re not a real person to me yet, Steven, sorry. On the other hand, when I think about it I don’t feel like I need Eneasz to say bye either. Sure, there has to be some sort of ending to the episode, otherwise I’d wonder if my internet connection got interrupted and have to listen to the end again to make sure I didn’t miss something, but the outro music does that.

    And on the whole ritual thing altogether… Rituals and social norms (which to me feel like rituals too) often feel forced and unnecessary to me. Like, why do I have to wear a suit to a job interview, if I’m not gonna wear it for most of the time when I’m working there? And some employers don’t care about such things but you don’t know in advance so you have to wear it anyway.
    When it’s optional I can find them enjoyable though.. I think I’d like to participate in the Nightvale show but I don’t think they visit europe.

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