40 – Making Humans Legible

You can’t control (well) what you can’t count

Samzdat’s posts that served as the basis of much of this episode:
Man as a Rationalist Animal, and
The Meridian of Her Greatness.
Also: The Use and Abuse of Witchdoctors for Life (not Witchdoctors Without Borders, as Eneasz misremembered)

Matt Freeman’s podcast – We’ve Got Worm
Also from Matt – The Daly Planet

Scott Alexander’s review of “Seeing Like A State”

And the original source material, for the purists. 🙂

Norman Borlaug’s dwarf wheat saved 1 billion people

GreenPeace blocks golden rice for no good reason

ChemTrails Turned My Frogs Gay

Cats are Murder Machines

Our Robin Hanson interview on Age of Em

Kim Jong Il made a quilt of sparrow’s neck feathers

A photon teleported from Earth to Space – or was it?

Northpaw Anklet

Friendship is OptimalCaelum Est Conterrens (different authors)

Red Legacy & Other Stories

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6 Responses to 40 – Making Humans Legible

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  2. Eddie says:

    Witchdoctors Without Borders is such a good pun.

  3. Hi, not able to work out the spelling for what sounds like “metis”. Interested in researching it more

  4. Registering to this 🙂 there was a mention of two (?) articles about AI and addictive game from two perspectives from 1 hour 32 mins to 1:35 that mentioned Clash of Clans and “Friendship is optimal”
    Did the speaker find these?

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