64 – Magick with David Youssef

It’s only almost as crazy as it sounds.

A bunch of links to help you get started on Magick!

UltraCulture’s guide:

The Complete Psychonaut Field Manual: A Cartoon Guide to Chaos Magick

RUNE SOUP links:

All things Sigils

Sigils Reboot: How to Get Big Magic From Little Squiggles

Very Bad Company – Occultism and Power

Even a Really Big Map Is Not the Territory

Why Belief is the Wrong Word to Use

The Other Middle Pillar: An Org Chart of Practical Magic

The Slate Star Codex post we mention. (Buckle up, this one is weird)

Universal Love, Said the Cactus Person

David’s email, if you want to get in touch for real estate purposes: dydavidyoussef@gmail.com

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5 Responses to 64 – Magick with David Youssef

  1. Andy Jewell says:

    Right at the end, he recommends reading Taleb (rathe than 12 rules for living). Was he referring to any specific work?

  2. David Youssef says:

    I am going to quote wikipedia here

    “Taleb’s five volume philosophical essay on uncertainty, titled the Incerto, covers the following books: Fooled by Randomness (2001), The Black Swan (2007–2010), The Bed of Procrustes (2010), Antifragile (2012), and Skin in the Game (2018). ”

    Read them in that order as one giant meditation on the unknown and luck.

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  4. Eddie says:

    The reason I won’t be spending any time doing sigils is the exact same reason why I don’t spend any time praying.

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