65 – Religion, and The Intelligent Social Web

Eneasz is still allergic to mysticism, but he really likes thinking of society as a super-being that guides humans and cares about their actions. Does this foresay doom for our host?

A correction: Eneasz made a joke about Calvanists being Catholics, which is the opposite of the truth, they’re a sect of Protestantism. Oops!

Outside the Laboratory

Newcomblike Problems Are the Norm

The Intelligent Social Web


The Tyranny of Biology

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2 Responses to 65 – Religion, and The Intelligent Social Web

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  2. Aidan says:

    I always justify my one-boxing with the following: “I prefer a massive chance of getting a million dollars with a tiny chance of getting nothing to a tiny chance of getting one million, one thousand dollars with a massive chance of getting a thousand dollars. It’s pretty easy to multiply out.”

    In addition, to those who say that that’s relying on reverse causality, my response is: “I’m not making the choice after Omega’s decided what the black box contains; I’m making the choice right now, in advance of receiving a choice which fits that pattern.”

    Also, the question generally doesn’t assume that the glass box is disintegrated after you choose. The point is that you’re not getting anything from the black box if you’re the kind of person who’s ever going to take the glass one.

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