70 – Kick-offs

We kick off a couple things:
The Sequences Reading/Discussion, and
What Lies Dreaming

The OG Sequences in chronological order
we read: The Martial Art of Rationality ; Why Truth? And… ; …What’s a Bias Again?
For next time: The Proper Use of HumilityThe Modesty Argument

Collated & edited in: Rationality: AI to Zombies
also as a podcast, and a podcast

The Elephant in the Brain (and our podcast episode about it)

SSC on Predictive Processing and Perceptual Control

The 12 Virtues of Rationality

The Conceptual Penis

Ozy on Sokal Squared, the latest hoax/expose that is way over-hyped

Permanent Effects from LSD? Also, Scott Alexander mentions the existence of permanent hallucination effects


Eneasz’s serialized novel, What Lies Dreaming, is coming Nov 11th!


Petrov Day Art:

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2 Responses to 70 – Kick-offs

  1. James says:

    So thinking about the themes of the last few episodes. What would be a fully rational world look like? The discourse is about how we want to raise the sanity waterline. But so much of this world is so crazy that to rationally decide things along utilitarian princies would render the world alien to us.

    So instrumentally we should work towards the things that will get us to that transhuman fully automated queer luxury space communism. So we should be thinking about a plan to in concrete terms rationalize the world.

    Just catching up so I just just listened the last few episodes in a row on a long car ride.

    I am going to die on the hill that “All men are trash” is a valid meme relating to current us politics. It is like a koan. It is just a meme, not a nuanced point. But unpacking it will highlight alot of key important points.

    So: Cause I am a man that is not trash. But I in any given situation you can’t rule out that I am trash. So have to treat me extra nice even though I don’t deservee it and men that are trash is why. Which complicates things cause I don’t want it and won’t notice you are doing it.

    Related to last episode. You talk about how social justice types are too angry and strident. But given the things going on that ha tis the appropriate reaction. The Democratic party is a moderate party. They would be conservative in most places. And they compromise with a very conservative GOP party. So everything just drifts towards climate catastrophy and a collapse into feudalism. Sword of good style anger and the world is appropriate.

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