73 – Truth and Winning

The conspiracy worries about our post-truth government and looks at the question of why Rationalists aren’t at the top of everything they do.


Articles/things discussed in this episode

Link with analysis and discussion of the Jim Acosta incident

Sailor Vulcan’s post on LessWrong

Scott Alexander’s reply in the comments

The Last Rationalist’s take on the question


Relevant Links

The wonderful Rationality From AI to Zombies podcast’s episode on The Simple Truth (It turns out Eneasz didn’t actually do it)


Sequence Posts for next time:

Politics is the Mind-Killer

Just Lose Hope Already

You Are Not Hiring the Top 1%


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2 Responses to 73 – Truth and Winning

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  2. James says:

    Why aren’t rationalists winning? What does that mean? Why aren’t they ruling the world?

    They aren’t because they are poor rationalists. Everyone who didn’t follow the EA advice to become a banker and then use the power that money brings to make the world they want is a bad rationalist.

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