104 – Do You Want To Ask or Guess This Episode’s Topic?

In this episode we’re joined by Matt Freeman and Wes Fenza!

Matt from The Doofcast joins us. Their next big audio project is Kingslingers, but be sure to check out We’ve Got Ward and Doofcast too!

Wes writes at livingwithinreason.com and practice divorce and family law in South Jersey.

As always, there’s a relevant XKCD. Is Monroe’s Law a thing yet?

Also check out Matt’s quick write up he did during the Discord conversation that prompted this episode. It’s an unfinished/unedited short essay, and his thoughts have updated since he wrote this.

And I found that Matt Braunger comedy bit about failing at both Ask and Guess Culture (and basic picking up signals)

Hey look, we have a discord! What could possibly go wrong?

Rationality: From AI to Zombies, The Podcast… and the other podcast

LessWrong posts Discussed in this Episode:

We didn’t get around to discussing any LessWrong posts in this episode. Whoops!

Next Episode’s Sequence Posts:

Update Yourself Incrementally

One Argument Against An Army

Big thanks to David for our intro music! Check out his music and VFX here!

We’d like to thank creators of our new outro music from the Sumerki Project! Check out their stuff here!

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2 Responses to 104 – Do You Want To Ask or Guess This Episode’s Topic?

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  2. Olexandr says:

    Ass culture and gas culture)) Sorry

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