The Mind Killer Episode 2

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WHO is reporting statistics from Taiwan together with China’s stats

WHO originally repeated China’s claim that COVID wasn’t human-transmissible.

Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund Refused to Support #MeToo Sex Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden

Reason article on the allegations against Joe Biden

Slatestarcodex: Against Overgendering Harrassment

The Bayesian Conspiracy – David on a Negative Income Tax

Coronavirus testing – not enough false positives 

Everyone is on lockdown except for the South 

Spain to try out UBI?

US Government to Pay Pastor Salaries

Amazon Warehouse worker/protester fired 

Captain of Aircraft Carrier dismissed for requesting crew protection

Happy News!
Industries pivot to making ventiatlors
Crispr injected into dude’s eye to reverse blindness caused by genetic abnormality. Results pending.

80,000 Hours: Good News About Covid-19

George Orwell: Politics and the English Language


And for next time::

Robert Graboyes #PostCovid predictions

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