The Mind Killer Episode 4 – Are We Committing Collective Suicide?

Intro/outro music: On Sale by Golden Duck Orchestra


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News discussed:


Justin Amash is running for President

The Transhumanist Party

Power Problems’ discussion of the USS Roosevelt 

The Supreme Court is taking another look at abortion rights

Kevin Drum: We Are About to Commit Collective Suicide?

John Cochrane: Dumb Reopening Might Work

Marginal Revolution: Did We Lock Down Some Parts of the Country Too Early?

Maryland Governor Worried That the Federal Government Will Seize Their Supplies

Short Circuit podcast on qualified immunity


Happy News!


The Supreme Court may be reevaluating qualified immunity

Tests in recovered patients found false positives, not reinfections, experts say

Test introduced to market with 99% accuracy


The HU – Shoog Shoog

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