167 – Jugaad Ethics

A Jugaad is like a hack that combines a new thing that doesn’t work anymore with an old thing that sorta worked, as a temporary solution. Now do it for Ethics.

(note: due to technical issue, the last 3 minutes of the main topic audio quality is crappy. sorry.)

The Primary Article – Jugaad Ethics

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Feedback – Friendship is Optimal text, and FiO Audio on YouTube
Utopia, LOL?
What Lies Dreaming free online

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0:06:05 Main Topic – Jugaad Ethics
1:25:22 LW posts
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LessWrong posts Discussed in this Episode:

On Expressing Your Concerns

Lonely Dissent

Next Episode’s Sequence Posts:

To Lead, You Must Stand Up

Cultish Countercultishness

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