179 – The Plan (to align AI), with John Wentworth

Worried about AGI running amok in the near future? John Wentworth thinks we can align AI. In 10-15 years. With greater than 50/50 probability. And he has a plan!

We discuss The Plan, its merits, and how it has progressed over the past year.

Primary Sources:
The Plan
The Plan – 2022 Update

Also discussed:
The Basic Foundations for Agent Models sequence
The Telephone Theorem
The “Minimal Latents” Approach to Natural Abstractions

Help With The Plan, Get The Skills, Save The World:
Read The Embedded Agency Sequence
Join SERI MATS! (see also SERI MATS tag on LessWrong)
Apply for funding from The Long-Term Future Fund

56:05 – Guild of the Rose Update
57:36 – Feedback
58:20 – LW posts
1:19:09 – Thank the Patron

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LessWrong Sequence Posts Discussed in this Episode:

Expecting Beauty

Is Reality Ugly?

Next Episode’s Sequence Posts:

Beautiful Probability

Trust in Math

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2 Responses to 179 – The Plan (to align AI), with John Wentworth

  1. Awaclus says:

    You can definitely “hear” a complex piece of music with a bunch of different instruments just from looking at sheet music. I don’t know if it can be done in real time — I would be very impressed but not shocked if e.g. an orchestra conductor did that — but given unlimited time to read and mentally process the sheet music and the attention span to actually do it, it is not even very difficult.

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