180 – YIMBY in CA with Brian Hanlon

We discuss the YIMBY movement in California, and how Brian Hanlon & co. got real legislative change happening.

Primary Links
Contact Brian – Brian@CAYIMBY.org
Great article on SB827 including interview with Brian
The Welcoming Neighbor Network

Other Links
George Carlin on NIMBY
CARLA is now CalHDF
Black-Eyes put on a hell of a punk show… and they just reunited to put on three shows this coming April
TBC episode on Getting Lucky
TBC episode on Georgist Land Value Taxes
A COVIDy blog post on getting Paxlovid in the US
Clearer Thinking on Importance Hacking

00:01 – CA YIMBY
01:01:16 – Possible to Slow AI via Legislation?
01:08:57 – Guild of the Rose Update
01:09:49 – LW posts
01:43:09 – Thank the Patron

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LessWrong Sequence Posts Discussed in this Episode:

Beautiful Probability

Trust in Math

Next Episode’s Sequence Posts:

The Allais Paradox

Zut Allais!

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