181 – How To Read The News With Bounded Distrust, with Wesley Fenza

We discuss Zvi’s How to Bounded Distrust with Wesley Fenza.

Wes is from The Mind Killer!

Other links:
Bounded Distrust
On Bounded Distrust
The Media Very Rarely Lies + followup + 2nd followup
People Will Sometimes Just Lie About You
Matt Yglesia on Why You Can’t Trust The Media
Discovery in lawsuit case shows FOX News hosts didn’t believe their own narrative
NYT leadership decided tech will be covered negatively
Conflict Theory of Bounded Distrust
Eneasz did the dumb homework:
MIT article on how the vaccine was delayed by a week to just after the election
Nate Silver said it deserves looking into
Zvi says of Topol “there was the time he was instrumental in sabotaging approval of the Covid vaccines so that it would happen after the November election.

00:01 – How To Bounded Distrust
01:10:51 – Guild of the Rose Update
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