182 – The Birth and Death of Sydney (Bing AI)

We discuss Microsoft’s new Bing search chatbot – Sydney. It received a wave of media coverage due to erratic behavior, before being neutered by Microsoft. A dive into its behavior, human responses, and implications.


The Birth and Death of Sydney
“Sydney Is Now Immortal”
Zvi’s Round-up
Gwern’s comment on Bing/Sydney
Astral Codex Ten post on Janus Simulators
Bankless crypto podcast – We’re All Gonna Die with Eliezer Yudkowsky
Eneasz’s Change.org Petition
Sydney-based erotica

Other Links
The Parable of the Dagger and The Parable of the Dagger. One of these is Eneasz, the other one is a voice-matching AI.
The Uncanny Vulva
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Which AI do you prefer:


(Spoiler: they’re the same picture)

0:00:53 – Steven’s Media Corner
0:01:48 – Chat with Eneasz IRL
0:02:31 – Sydney/Bing AI
01:31:09 – Guild of the Rose Update
01:33:58 – Thank the Patron

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The Allais Paradox

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