190 – How to be Human Together, at VibeCamp, with GPTBrooke

We talk with Brooke, creator and driving force behind VibeCamp. We talk about VibeCamp 2, being human, and the post/rats corner of twitter.

Brooke on Twitter
Brooke’s most-moved-by-this Tweet, the Lemur Who Vibed
Eneasz’s retrospective post on VibeCamp
What are vibes? Meme to Vibe: A Philosophical Report by Peter Limberg
The Neighborhood SF project
Rational Magic, an article about postrationalists by The New Atlantis

0:00:01 – VibeCamp!!
1:00:51 – Listener Feedback
1:05:51 – Guild of the Rose Update
1:06:51 – Less Wrong Posts
1:30:03 – Thank the Patron

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Rationality: From AI to Zombies, The Podcast

LessWrong Sequence Posts Discussed in this Episode:

Words as Hidden Inferences

Extensions and Intensions

Next Sequence Posts:

Buy Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Similarity Clusters

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