193 – Building Baileys with Yassine Meskhout

We speak with Yassine Meskhout of The Bailey about… a whole bunch of things actually.


Yassine’s Substack
The Motte
The Bailey podcast
Yassine’s I Am Here Because Of Blind Dumb Luck
Check Here For Racial Oppression – history of the US Federal racial categories
SSC post popularizing & explaining the Motte And Bailey Doctrine
Alex Jones as Epic Poetry
Yassine’s posts on Paul Ehrlich’s Gymnastics and Meghan Murphy’s Speedrun Guide to Logical Fallacies
There Are No Amendments in Islam
Eleven Magic Words
Morality is Accidental & Self-Congratulatory
Consider The Hand Axe
Slavery in Video Games
The post about that video game with slavery

0:00:23 – Hard open
0:01:05 – Yassine is (officially) white
0:19:48 – Official open + The Bailey podcast
0:26:36 – MCU-level mental gymnastics
0:55:55 – Yassine on Eleven Magic Words and being a Public Defender
1:20:41 – There Are No Amendments in Islam
1:37:48 – Any anti-tech movement is necessarily a pro-slavery movement
1:51:50 – Guild of the Rose Update
1:53:10 – Feedback
1:56:42 – Less Wrong Posts
2:17:58 – Thank the Patron

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Rationality: From AI to Zombies, The Podcast

LessWrong Sequence Posts Discussed in this Episode:

Disguised Queries

Neural Categories

Next Sequence Posts:

How An Algorithm Feels From Inside

Disputing Definitions


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