197 – What To Expect When You’re Expecting To Go To Burning Man

We talk with Charlie and Alex about going to Burning Man to help prep Steven to maybe go next year


You Will Be Miserable, And It Will Set You Free – Eneasz’s post on Burning Man
Burning Man Survival Guide
The Time I Failed To Join A Cult – look at the fun you could be having at Burning Man
You can’t reach the brain through the ears
MythMakers are dicks and stole a sword from it’s rightful wielder!!! THEY HAVE NO HONOR!! RAID THEIR BASES! BLAST THEIR DUDES! Facebook Instagram Instagram of their Bullshit Quest(!!) Website

The Real Fanfic Is The Friends We Made Along The Way – Latest Story from Eneasz

0:00:23 – Chat with Charlie
1:14:57 – Chat with Alex
1:47:12 – Guild of the Rose Update
1:49:42 – Thank the Patron

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