8 – Interview with Brian Dunning

We speak with Brian Dunning, best known as the host/creator of the Skeptoid podcast. He has also created Here Be Dragons, a 40-minute introduction to critical thinking.

Mentioned in this episode:

The Vanishing Village of Angikuni Lake

Chris Hallquist on Trusting Expert Consensus

The unusual story of the discovery that H. Pylori causes ulcers (and a different take on why the establishment was so resistant to accepting that – it’s hard to disentangle correlations from causation)

Using hookworms to treat allergies and/or asthma (Eneasz would like to alert people to the existence of this fantastic RadioLab episode on Parasites, where he first heard of this unorthodox treatment.)

Steven Chu’s lecture at UC Irvine
Energy, Climate Change, and the Transition to a Sustainable World

The Feeding Tube

Upcoming projects from Brian, including Dark Discoveries and Principles of Curiosity

Adam Ruins Everything

Vitamin C – about as effective as placebo (unless you were already deficient at time of exposure, in which case supplements do help, but that’s true of any vital nutrient)

The Illuminatus! trilogy

Brian Dunning’s latest project – The Conspirators and here.

Brian Dunning as a cat

Brian Dunning as a cat

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One Response to 8 – Interview with Brian Dunning

  1. Peter Wotherspoon says:

    We seem utterly inept at weeding out the noise.
    We also seem to want to believe many screwy things.
    I have an antipathy to pop science, which pretty much includes anything in media.
    My starting place is, probably not.
    It could be on the right track, but only by luck and coincidence.
    Enjoyed the interview with that brave man, Brian Dunning.

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