25 – Tinder, Actually

The Conspirators meander through various topics, using a Tinder encounter as a framing story:



Steven’s OKCupid stats come from Rationally Speaking episode 89

Katrina’s OKCupid stats (and pic) come from Big Lies People Tell

The Toxoplasma of Rage

Dan Dennett’s talk

Haidt on The Moral Roots of Conservatives and Liberals

Philosophers and their beards

Our brand new Patreon page!





Fun on Tinder!

Ho hum, I’ll just flip through this person’s images…

Image of a couple Slight zoom on the image of a young couple. Fully zoomed on the image of a young couple, excluding them and focusing only on a person in the background.





































Photoshop Magic!






























I didn’t get the sad Kermit memo

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One Response to 25 – Tinder, Actually

  1. Eddie says:

    Thanks for another great episode. Those images are awesome!

    I wish they had a tinder for friends. I work from home and don’t really know how to meet people.

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