The Conspiracy Welcomes You

Welcome to the longest-running Rationalist podcast on the internet.

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3 Responses to The Conspiracy Welcomes You

  1. Josh Higgins says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m really enjoying your podcast, I recently caught up on the back episodes.

    I came across this website today

    They deliberately catalogue useful mental models. Number 1 is, the map is not the territory!

    This seems like a really useful resource for discussion.


    Josh Higgins

  2. Pierre Thierry says:

    Hi guys, I’ve enjoyed the Bayesian Conspiracy immensely for a long time, both the podcast and the discord, but I was abruptly banned by Eneasz a few months ago, without warning and without any process. Is there a way to change that? (both my ban and the absence of due process)

    • Eneasz Brodski says:

      Hi Pierre, it’s Eneasz. There is no due process and there won’t be any. It’s very hard to get kicked off the Discord, we tolerate quite a lot, and we’re not a bureaucracy. I think I’ve banned two people in the multiple years we’ve been running (possibly 3?). But if you email me ( your Discord name we can talk and maybe have it rescinded. I’m not committed to no second chances!

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