51 – Robert McIntyre Returns

Robert McIntyre talks about the future of aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation

I’m sure you’re all stoked about the sound on this one. All we can say is that we took steps to correct it (like we all recorded our audio independently, including having Robert send his own recording to us) and somehow the heavens conspired to make this sound harsher than the first. Sorry for the ear damage.

Robert’s blog

AlphaZero news

Yudkowsky contends that AlphaZero is evidence for fast-take-off AI

Colorado has some right-to-die laws 🙂

Heroic Responsibility

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One Response to 51 – Robert McIntyre Returns

  1. James says:

    Late but I just listen to this podcast. Re: utilons.

    The way you describe utilons is like the old model of radiation. That is linear no threshold. So in that model two negative utilons are twice as bad as one. And half a negative utilon is half as bad as a whole one. Like simple numbers.

    I would argue that our brains process negative things like drugs

    That is that two is an order of magnitude more than one. And half of one is below the threshold of perception. So a mote in my eye forever I think I might not even notice. Or if I do the actual negative experience I have for that negative utilon is less than 1:1

    I think thinking about it as a framework imposed by our brains like that is a much more useful model.

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