52 – Marriage is Obsolete Technology

A discussions as to whether marriage is outdated and net-harmful.

In large part based on Eneasz’s blog post.

Naveen recommends this discussion between 3Blue1Brown and Ben Eater on Net Neutrality

See also Naveen’s current project – Standard Meta

Next episode: The Principles of Curiosity

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3 Responses to 52 – Marriage is Obsolete Technology

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  2. Switch says:

    Getting married is the fastest and cheapest way to get deathbed rights.
    I can get married is I have a handful cash, but I can not get power of attorney for the same price.
    Also hospitals have and do ignore power of attorney in favor of next of kin, and if you family hates your gay self….
    Marriage is an ironclad contract that if an agency ignores most everyone agrees there should be punishment.

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