66 – Feedback & Productivity (pt1)

We finally get to some older listener feedback, then discuss productivity tools & systems. Also, Eneasz unveiled Shut Up And Do The Impossible: The Rational Fiction Online Anthology.

Lizard hatching; Lizard chased by snakes

Malcom Gladwell on the (non-)value of getting into Harvard

Bayesians vs Barbarians

Universal Paperclips – the paperclip maximizer game, plus Wired’s article about it

Rescue Time

Steven really likes Apollo, even though they aren’t paying us 🙂

Tomato Timer

The Less Wrong study hall

Scott fixes Melatonin use

Band-aid removal speed pain study

Wait But Why on chronic lateness

Getting Things Done

Aluminum Pocket Notebook w/ Pen


The Oatmeal on Running

Luke’s LW post on The Procrastination Equation, and the book The Procrastination Equation

The Value of Time calculator at Clearer Thinking

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