85 – Stuff is Weird, Yo

This episode Jess, Eneasz, and Steven sit down to discuss… well, you tell us. We’re kind of all over the map here because things have, in the majority, been weird for us lately. We cover some random things about how America is going to shit, how to conduct yourself in public when making an effort not to spook people, and “magic” life hacks.


Stuff that came up this episode:

Georgia Heartbeat Bill

Doof! Media’s (called The Daly Planet at the time) episode on Alien and Aliens

Moridinamael (Matt Freeman) on Spamming Micro-Intentions to Generate Willpower

Reddit’s r/askmen thread on What the fuck are you supposed to do when you walk past a woman alone at night to let her know you’re not a murderer?

The related book, Whistling Vivaldi and a talk on the subject

LessWrong posts Discussed in this Episode:

Your Rationality is My Business

Feeling Rational

Briefly Discussed: Consolidated Nature of Morality Thread

Next Episode’s Sequence Posts:

Universal Fire 

Universal Law

Think Like Reality


Big thanks to David for our intro music! Check out his music and VFX here!

We’d like to thank creators of our new outro music from the Sumerki Project! Check out their stuff here!

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