106 – Talking to Strangers (with COVID-19)

We open up with some pre-episode chatter that I left in, then talk for a bit about Coronavirus before moving into the scheduled topic of Malcom Gladwell’s book Talking to Strangers!

UPDATE: Given the situation in Italy, we’re upping our concern. Please increase the emotional volume of the Coronavirus section by about 1.5 levels.




SSC Coronavirus

Seeing The Smoke

Last Week Tonight on Coronavirus

SMBC Steven mentioned in the pre-episode stuff

Hey look, we have a discord! What could possibly go wrong?

Rationality: From AI to Zombies, The Podcast… and the other podcast

LessWrong posts Discussed in this Episode:

Update Yourself Incrementally

One Argument Against An Army

Next Episode’s Sequence Posts:

Hindsight Bias

Hindsight Devalues Science

Big thanks to David for our intro music! Check out his music and VFX here!

We’d like to thank creators of our new outro music from the Sumerki Project! Check out their stuff here!

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