Bayes Blast 20 – Blue Pill/Red Pill in Roko’s Blender

Kill yourself for no reason, or save others?

Lisatomic’s Poll
Roko’s Poll
Eneasz’s annoyance
Scissor’s Statements origin

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One Response to Bayes Blast 20 – Blue Pill/Red Pill in Roko’s Blender

  1. Ivan Zelenin says:

    I think this red/blue pill problem applies to politics. Imagine there is a repressive red political party who will kill all non-members, but they need a majority to come to power. You don’t even have to share their values, you just have to become a member to be spared when they start killing.

    I guess in the real world the vote is anonymous though, so you wouldn’t actually have to vote for them, just join the party to be spared… But still, is it really a good idea to side with this red team, just to guarantee your own survival?

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