4 – AlphaGo, with Patrick Chapin

Patrick Chapin (of Top Level Podcast) joins us as a guest-host to talk about AlphaGo’s recent victory over Go master Lee Sedol. We get a primer on how AlphaGo works, a recap of all five games in the match, and thoughts on what this means.

(The airing of this episode was pushed up, so we can pretend to be sorta-timely)

Wikipedia Bots
John Henry
The NSA’s Skynet Program
A tribe of humans without numbers
Patrick’s book, Next Level Magic
On The Origin of Circuits“, discussing a chip hardware evolution experiment

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7 Responses to 4 – AlphaGo, with Patrick Chapin

  1. Muyyd says:

    I wonder, are they have only one AI, that thinking hard about go, or there is a 100 of them, minding their own bussiness? And maybe one that learning what others learn, and thinking about learning in general.
    And it was bizzare expirience to hear that AlphaGo is “incomprehensible”, after Patrick gave his prognosis on AI timeline.

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  3. Philip B. says:

    Something about the magnetic field and a circle of logic circuits – where do I find something to read about it?

    • The article I read was way back in ’99, and I have no way of finding it again. However Patrick learned of it via this article which is much more recent, and can set you on the way to researchign further into it if you’re interested.

  4. James McTernan says:

    I was on the edge of my seat listening to Patrick’s explanation for the whole match.

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