35 – Your Brain on Nootropics

** Fixed the audio. Please re-download for the correct episode. **

Drugs that boost mental performance for dummies.

Did caffiene help kickstart the Enlightenment era?


/r/nootropics for your nootropic discussion needs

Other places to discuss include Nootropics Depot and Longecity

Gwern’s posts on nootropics in general, and in-depth on Modafinil in particular

The Flynn Effect

The Last Psychiatrist’s Ritalin/Adderall post

You Pass Butter

The survey project where they’re gathering data on what humans would want self-driving cars to do in trolley-problem-like situations. Pretty fun!

Blindsight by Peter Watts on Amazon. Also available free from the author!

What Is It Like To Be A Bat? (note: PDF)

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6 Responses to 35 – Your Brain on Nootropics

  1. Davd says:

    Heads up, this contains the audio from the previous podcast, “Lies, all Lies!”.

  2. Senjiu says:

    I’m writing this comment while listening to the episode..

    So far it’s pretty funny, especially Steven’s tale of when a coworker gave him some stuff and his experience. I mean, it kinda sounds like he’s experimenting on himself what those drugs do, like he plans to double the dosage for once to see what happens. 🙂

    Woo, I got mentioned! Awesome!
    And I’m aware of the fact that the trolley problem shouldn’t actually be a thing that a car had to decide about but that’s what people argue about when they’re opposed to self-driving cars. Because some people are not convinced when you tell them that there would be 90% less accidents in traffic (I don’t get them but they exist) and they’re worried that the car would kill the wrong people.

  3. CrabMan says:

    This episode is pretty bad. You guys didn’t really tell the readers about the scientific evidence, and your personal experience is very bad evidence.

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